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I am a mom to the most gorgeous boys in the world,married to the most supportive husband in the world and owner of the most greedy,chubby cat in the world...So I have got plenty of time to crochet!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Little mermaid girl and her best friend mr.clam

This is little Miss mermaid who was waiting for a long time in the closet. When Mr. clam was finished last week and placed in the closet next to Miss Mermaid, they suddenly became a perfect match, and a couple of hours later I realised that Miss Mermaid was leaning on Mr. Clam, and now they are best friends, not separatable at all. So they are looking for a home who will adopt both of them.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

earlier small gurumi's

Hi all,

Here are a bunch of the earlier gurumis I have crocheted. Actually these are the first amigurumis I made, and I remember how amazed I was when I saw the yarn turned out to be such a cute toy. It won't be exaggeration to say that I felt like master Gepetto who has made Pinnochio. Since the first amigurumi (it was the roly poly penguin) I realised how endless the possibilities with this art and that is amazing. Lately I have been working on some geekerty projects like the wow stuff and star wars and planning to make some stuff from my Demir's favourite nintendo game Mario.

Bedtime buddy, sleeping lamb..

Meet Morris, the most popular bedtime buddy at our household. He is so cute with his real sheep wool body and embroidery sleeping face. He is safre to sleep with too since he does not include small parts. One has gone to my Etsy shop already.

Yummy cupcakes!

Here are a bunch of yummy cupcakes! They were super easy and fun to make and they turned out to be the cutest thing I have ever made, I want to make a cupcake army, somebody gotto stop me!