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I am a mom to the most gorgeous boys in the world,married to the most supportive husband in the world and owner of the most greedy,chubby cat in the world...So I have got plenty of time to crochet!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amigurumi Elmo

I used to love Elmo, and luckily my boys had a chance to meet him by an Elmo's World CD, when comparing to the recent cartoons and characters made for 3-6 year olds I can easily claim that Elmo still rocks! Since my boy was  in love with him he kept on demanding an Elmo toy and unfortunately I was'nt able to find one among the new age toys. So when I met with amigurumi, it was the first thing in my to do list, Elmo ! And here is the rewarding scene, which worths it all! 

http://a-crochet-ninja.blogspot.com/2008/10/elmo-pattern-yay.html (thanks a lot for the wonderful pattern)

amigurumi pocket doll May

Here is my very first doll try, May. I am not a goor pattern follower, I respect and appreciate all those free patterns out there and I really enjoy finding and trying them but my mind flows so differently throughout the work that I end up with a totally different design in the end, especially with the dolls, you will understand what I am talking about when you look at the pictures  below:)
This is my May
And this is Leena  
http://www.jennyandteddy.com/2011/05/free-amigurumi-sweet-girl-leena-pattern/  (thank you for the pattern, it gives a good idea how to make a pocket doll, rest is upto your imagination)

house shoes for kids, actually for all!

I hate the 'put on your house shoes 'fight with kids throughout the winter, I feel like a house shoe cop, and always lose the battle since they take them off while crawling the sofa or playing on the carpet and never remember to put them on back. And slippers are even worse since they are really dangerous while running up and down the stairs, they tend to slip from their little feet, I was looking for a solution and tried some knitted ones but the appearance did not turn out the way I wanted, finally I found this pattern on internet and made a pair in less than an hour, they were really comfortable and seem cool too so the little one demanded one pair in his favorite color''green''! And the biggest boy(my love) wanted a pair too, so he got  a multi colored one since my yarn was not enough for the huge feet! He loves them, brings them everywhere with him, I believe they would be among the 3 things he would take with him if he ends up in an island! If you want to try a pair for your beloved ones or yourself, here is the pattern with wonderful explanation and a tutorial here: http://sensitivesnapdragon.blogspot.com/2011/11/boy-clog-slippers-pattern.html

Dummy's dreamhouse

This is both Dummy's and my dream house and I will make it for him eventually, just not sure how to!

Little ghost

This amigurumi little ghost was made to team up with a book called ''I am not scared'' for a kindergarden classmate of my little boy. He doesn't look scary at all, does he?

amigurumi pear and apple

Pear and apple friends

amigurumi frog

One of the first gurumis I made, I liked making him a lot and I like shooting his pictures too, he is a good poser:)  and the pasttern was so simple that it took only 30 minutes to finish this little guy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

free pattern egg, eggman and bird

One pattern 3 variations,  here is the basic egg pattern; (this one gives the best egg shape I have in my mind so far..)

r1: magic ring and 6 sc into the ring
r2: inc 6 evenly, so at the end of row (12)
r3: inc 6 evenly, so at the end of row (18)
r4: sc all around (18)
r5: inc 6 evenly, so at the end of row (24)
r6: sc all around (24)
r7: sc all around (24)
r8: inc 6 evenly, so at the end of row (30)
r9:  sc all around (30)
r10: sc all around (30)
r11: sc all around (30)
r12: sc all around (30)
r13: sc all around (30)
r14: sc all around (30)
r15: dec 6 evenly,so at the end of the row (24)
r16: dec 6 evenly,so at the end of the row (18)
r17: dec 6 evenly,so at the end of the row (12)
At this point you might want to stuff the egg,
r18: dec 6 more evenly, so at the end of the row (6) fasten off,weave in.

*Mohawk funky bird has 2 wings and a tail and of course cool mohawk hair added.
*Mr. egghead is in a top hat. And has arms and legs added.

Mr. egghead is the most popular form in the household so far!

Our family

Our family by Demir 
I love how happy we all look in Demir's pictures, always in the hip hip hoorray mood!

Chubby Cat

he is a handsome boy, isn't he?

yes,he is on collar and leash, yes this is a medum size dog  collar

he never misses garden parties!
Well, here is my chubby cat Duman, he is a russian blue mix adopted 2 years ago from a local shelter and grew an amazing apetite since then. When we adopted him he was barely 3,5 kilos but he became more than 7 kilos in no time, he has a neverending desire to eat! He was on a diet for the last 6 months and was down to 6 kilos for a while but then he realised the dinner time of the street cats and found a couple of ways to break out at that   times of the day:) I now know how hard it is to fight against a cat will! If they have something in mind...it seems a no win battle for me..

dachshund with a link to the pattern

Before I started writing my own patterns, I was trying the good looking patterns out there, unfortunately not all of them turn out the way I dreamed, so I want to share the ones which turn out the way we want them to..just to save some time. I am really content about this little friend, so I wanted to share his pictures and the lionbrand link to the pattern http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70579AD.html?noImages= (free registration required, but believe me it worths the effort, since there are quite a lot of cuties in there for every taste.). I hope you like my dachshund!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

free pattern lil owls

Free pattern, lil owls

R1: make a magic ring /or just ch(chain) 2 and work 6 sc(single crochet) in second ch from hook.(6 sts)
R2: 2sc in next st all around (12 sts)
R3: sc in next st, 2sc in next st all around the row (18 sts)

*18 sts is enough for the size shown on my owl pictures http://myamihome.blogspot.com/2012/03/owls-invaded-my-ami-home-too.html if you want to use this size, R4- R9 : sc all around the row (18). Fasten off, sew the top of the bag like shape, while sewing you can give ear effect by putting 4 or 5 stitches on both edges.

If you want a slightly bigger owl, go for
R4: sc in next 2 sts, 2sc in next st, all around ( 24 sts)
R5- R10 :sc all around ( 24 sts)
Fasten off, sew the top of the bag like shape, while sewing you can give ear effect by putting 4 or 5 stitches on both edges.

*For the eyes: I made a magic ring and 12 sc,joined with slip stitch(sl st) when my yarn was thick enough for a 3.5mm hook OR a magic ring and 12 half double crochet(hdc) when my yarn was suitable for a 2.5 mm hook. I inserted beads inside but 12 mm safety eyes can be used instead or even buttons will give a more vintage look!

I hope you enjoy this pattern and would be glad if you share your own owl pictures made with this pattern, this is my first pattern, feel free to use or sell the owls made with this pattern.

Little Miss Turtle..

Made with the free pattern http://rockin4god.com/2011/05/pete-and-repeat/ and with minor changes in the pattern  little miss turtle turned out to be the cutest turtle ever ,what do yo think?

My Easter Bunnies..

Vilbur & Angelico

I had to try the famous easter bunny pattern
by Stephanie from allaboutami ,since they look irresistable.. And here is my version of these 
cuties who are named after a cute couple Vilbur and Angelico by my boy:) 

My 4 year old boy Ali is a smurfs fan and he was asking for smurfs for his upcoming bday, he already had many smurf toys so I decided to make him something special, and when I was done with 3 smurfs I realized that they needed a home so I added the toadstool, Ali demanded the whole village but I guess I am done with the smurfs, at least for now..

Owls invaded my ami home too..

These dudes are my version of the owl madness, I have been looking for something small yet still looking owly, easy and fast to crochet yet big enough to decorate in different ways, and I ended up with this.. I hope you like it..

There's always time for ami...

I have been knitting and crochetting since I was a little girl but I discovered the world of amigurumi very lately and joined the amiaddicts gang:) I started with quite big gurumiis like the humanoids of Elizabeth D, or even bigger dolls with lots of hair:) Lately I have been working on smaller projects and I want to post some of them here..
This guy was from this free pattern http://legendancer.livejournal.com/16397.html and I played a little with some of the stitches and I would definetely do the decreases different next time, decreasing at the same place on all rows ended up with the line on the back which is quite hard to shape, it would be a lot easier with random placed decreases. But I am very content how he looks and sits on the shoulders! Yes, for an unknown reason my boys like to carry this guy on their shoulders:)

Busy weekend...

This was a quite busy weekend , full of cheesecake, fresh fruit tart, apfel streuzel, all made by our beloved cake 
chef! All made for the birthday party of our little man Ali..And enjoyed deeply by the crowd:)
 Happy 4th birthday my grouchy smurf!