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I am a mom to the most gorgeous boys in the world,married to the most supportive husband in the world and owner of the most greedy,chubby cat in the world...So I have got plenty of time to crochet!

Monday, April 9, 2012

So Sweet Snails!

I haven't posted for a while since I was quite busy crocheting a lot of projects at the same time, while finishing the spring wreath, and these snails; had to make a king's crown for my elder boy's school show (I will post some pictures soon ) and there is a white bunny in a sweet dress still missing one ear and the sweet dress! And there is a sackboy sitting on my laptop with a missing arm and leg! I realized that they might take longer time then I planned so decided to shoot some pictures of the finished ones, and here are the So Sweet Snails with the pattern of Marta from http://stokrotkidwie.blogspot.com/search/label/szyde%C5%82ko%2Fcrochet
So Sweet Snail Sisters

Snail Kiss
Go Snails Go!