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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sackboy !!!

The first commenter on my blog was asking if I could make a Sackboy. And it was on my mind since then, try to make a Sackboy, I saw the little guy first my husband realised him on one of his gaming magazines and he showed me saying''look he looks like the things (!!!) you make. (He wasn't able to remember the word ''amigurumi'' at that times:) And I started looking for a pattern for Sackboy, but I wanted him to have a real zipper so that he can carry around some lil things like coins or keys for his human  friend. The only pattern I found with the zipper was on youtube but it was quite huge and I don't fancy very big gurumis. So as usual I ended up with making up my own pattern, and I am very happy about how he looks, I hope you like it too, I can post the pattern here if I manage to write it down. 

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