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Saturday, March 31, 2012

house shoes for kids, actually for all!

I hate the 'put on your house shoes 'fight with kids throughout the winter, I feel like a house shoe cop, and always lose the battle since they take them off while crawling the sofa or playing on the carpet and never remember to put them on back. And slippers are even worse since they are really dangerous while running up and down the stairs, they tend to slip from their little feet, I was looking for a solution and tried some knitted ones but the appearance did not turn out the way I wanted, finally I found this pattern on internet and made a pair in less than an hour, they were really comfortable and seem cool too so the little one demanded one pair in his favorite color''green''! And the biggest boy(my love) wanted a pair too, so he got  a multi colored one since my yarn was not enough for the huge feet! He loves them, brings them everywhere with him, I believe they would be among the 3 things he would take with him if he ends up in an island! If you want to try a pair for your beloved ones or yourself, here is the pattern with wonderful explanation and a tutorial here: http://sensitivesnapdragon.blogspot.com/2011/11/boy-clog-slippers-pattern.html

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  1. I realised that the link to the pattern is broken, just type,sensitivesnapdragon.blogspot.com to google and go to november 2011 on her blog archive, and scroll down till you see the mustard color beautiful boys slippers..