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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There's always time for ami...

I have been knitting and crochetting since I was a little girl but I discovered the world of amigurumi very lately and joined the amiaddicts gang:) I started with quite big gurumiis like the humanoids of Elizabeth D, or even bigger dolls with lots of hair:) Lately I have been working on smaller projects and I want to post some of them here..
This guy was from this free pattern http://legendancer.livejournal.com/16397.html and I played a little with some of the stitches and I would definetely do the decreases different next time, decreasing at the same place on all rows ended up with the line on the back which is quite hard to shape, it would be a lot easier with random placed decreases. But I am very content how he looks and sits on the shoulders! Yes, for an unknown reason my boys like to carry this guy on their shoulders:)

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